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Talking Design is a twenty year old graphic design company that specializes in developing a pleasing way to present a visual image. We have created print as well as interactive electronic media in the past. We are mainly working with book and logo design now.
Since 2008 the Publicera Publishing Group, Ltd have used Talking Design as a partner in designing photographic books, and this work is continuing. And we have a lot of fun.


I am proud to announce my very first book out on the market! It is named "Clouds in my iPhone". I got the idea when I became member in some photography groups on Google+. I had taken a lot of landscape photographs with my iPhone 4S around Umea where I live. When I synced my mobile with my computer, I found the quality being quite good, and wanted to share that. Here it is, available on BLURB. Only the 15 first pages is shown, the book is 64 pages long.

Clouds in my iPhone by Johan Stiernspetz


The first book Publicera made was entitled “The Dump”.
Families living on a huge dump outside Phnom Penh in Cambodia, at the edge of human life. Pictures taken 2005-2007, and a document over how people can adapt to almost any circumstances.

Promobanner for the photo book The Dump showing a section of black and white pictures from the book

The Dump is available as an ebook for Kindle at Amazon, as a PDF book at and is also available for download at swedish ebook distributer Elib.


The second book, published on the Göteborg Book Fair september 2011 was called Ryd and is about a junkyard for old, very old fact, so old they are almost being part of nature.
The book is really something for car lovers! Translation to english is at work. We are also working on the book as ebook too.

Promobanner for the photo book Ryd showing a section of black and white pictures from the book


"3B7C" is the third photo book published by Swedish Publicera Publishing and was the call sign used by an international group of radio amateurs when they visited the islands of Saint Brandon in the southern Indian Ocean in autumn 2007. The call sign only existed for four intensive weeks and quickly became synonymous with the immense joy and camaraderie that only amateur radio as a hobby can offer. Total harvested 137 500 radio contacts with all the continents, while several world records were broken. In the book's 96 pages, Pete Arninge (SM5GMZ) - a photojournalist by profession - has proven that a combination of images and texts can show the very heart and soul of a radio expedition of this size. Several of the photos have already been published in various newspapers around the world, while many of the images in this book illustrates the enormous work involved in planning an ambitious trip like this. This photo book is 100% about amateur radio and shows clearly why this amazing hobby still is without comparison!
Great Quality and a Must for the Shelf! James (MD0MDI)

As usually the book 3B7C is published at BLURB.